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Posted on 13 Dec '23

Best of 2023: A Selection of Our Most Popular Blogs This Year

It’s been another busy year in the world of postgraduate study, and we’ve been hard at work bringing you insights, advice and updates to help support you in your recruitment efforts.

While our Pulse Insights, which break down the wealth of data that we collect about prospective postgraduates, frequently claim the top spots amongst our most-read blogs, we wanted to spotlight some of the other contributors and topics that have stood out this year. We’ve put together a selection of our most popular pieces of 2023!

#1 Why Change a Good Thing? – Redesigning our Student Newsletter

We kicked off the year with an overhaul of our weekly FindAMasters and FindAPhD newsletters, re-organising the order of our content for maximum engagement and introducing monthly themes, amongst other changes!

In one of our most popular blogs of the year, our Senior Content Writer Hannah explains the rationale behind changing up our well-established newsletter process, gives some insights into the process behind the redesign and provides some inspiration for any of you considering a creative revamp of your own.

#2 Why our postgraduate marketing needs high readability

Prospective postgraduate students are one of the most intelligent and accomplished audiences out there. But that doesn’t mean they should have to expend extra energy trying to understand our content!

In this blog, Simon Fairbanks, Head of Student Recruitment Events at the University of Nottingham, explains the importance of readability in postgraduate marketing. You can also watch Simon’s webinar for ten practical tips on creating readable content.

#3 Making the switch to GA4: how to get the most out of Google’s new analytics service

As of July this year, all Google Analytics users made the switch to the newest version of the service, GA4. For anyone wondering what to expect from the transition, we asked our Head of Data and Optimisation, Jack Taylor, to explain what new features GA4 offers and how to make the most of them!

#4 SEO for higher education – troubleshooting an optimised page

Search Engine Optimisation can be a great way to improve traffic to your web content, but results can be unpredictable! If your tried-and-test SEO tricks aren’t producing the expected uptick in engagement with an optimised page, our SEO Executive, Morgan James, suggests what to try next.

#5 5 reasons why we’re excited about our improvements to FindAMasters profiles

We recently made some exciting changes to our FindAMasters institution profiles, which are now available for both UK and non-UK customers! Upgraded profiles will now include an FAQ section, open day promotion and more. In this blog, Dougal Mackenzie, our Head of Client Services, explains what new features will be available and why we we’re so excited to offer them to our clients.

If you’re interested in purchasing an upgraded institution or department profile, you can read more about the product or contact your Account Manager.

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