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 by Danielle Stevenson
, posted on 24 Feb '21

University Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiatives That Have Caught our Eye

In support of University Mental Health Day, this month's Take Five celebrates university initiatives that support the mental health and wellbeing of postgraduate students and staff.

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 by Dougal MacKenzie
, posted on 10 Feb '21

4 Ways You Can Get More Clicks From Your Display Adverts

Our Senior Client Services Manager, Dougal MacKenzie, shares his top tips for getting the most out of your display adverts.

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 by Sarah Linington
, posted on 9 Feb '21

Expanded Search Options for Students and Enhanced Student Reach & Insights for Higher Education Institutions

We’re excited to announce that FindAUniversity Ltd. has joined forces with Keystone Academic Solutions, uniting two of the world’s most popular higher education student search and resource platforms.

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 by Sarah Linington
, posted on 20 Jan '21

'Happy Hour' is Back: How We Are Supporting Staff Wellbeing

Sarah Linington, Associate Director (Marketing), shares what we've been doing to support staff wellbeing. You may already be doing something similar, or you may get some ideas to try yourself.

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 by Louise Lancashire
, posted on 13 Jan '21

What’s Caught Our Eye in University Marketing & Recruitment in December/January

Looking for some inspiration? Here's the five postgraduate marketing initiatives and campaigns that got our attention.

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 by Louise Lancashire
, posted on 6 Jan '21

COVID-19 Update – FindAUniversity is Open for Business

We're all working safely from home and still offering all advertising services, events, and more as detailed here.

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 by Louise Lancashire
, posted on 23 Dec '20

The University Christmas Greetings That Have Caught our Eye

Take a look at the five postgraduate marketing initiatives and campaigns that got our attention. They may give you some inspiration for your own activity. 

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 by Fiona Jardine
, posted on 16 Dec '20

7 Tips for Creating an Award-winning Subject Level Marketing Campaign

University of Aberdeen recently won a Heist Award for their postgraduate campaign and Fiona Jardine shares her advice with you so you can apply to your campaigns.

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 by Azeem Ahmad
, posted on 9 Dec '20

Why You Need to Measure Your Own Content Performance

Azeem Ahmad from Staffordshire University, shares the advice he’s gathered from working in digital marketing for over seven years.

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 by Rebecca Trengove
, posted on 2 Dec '20

8 Elements You Need for a Successful Marketing Team

Rebecca Trengove, Director of Marketing & Communications at the University of Dundee, shares what she's learnt from leading her award-winning team for five years.

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