Posted on 10 Jun '24

Pride Month 2024: University LGBTQ+ Initiatives That Have Caught our Eye

To celebrate Pride Month, we’ve taken a look at some impressive university initiatives and campaigns which aim to foster LGBTQ+ inclusivity, as well as awareness of issues still facing the community.

We’ve picked five stand-out examples that we hope will provide you with some inspiration!

#1 PGR Pride Scholarships at the University of Leeds

The University of Leeds has launched an ambitious Pride Scholarships Programme, which aims to fund 25 PhD candidates to conduct research tackling the global inequality that still impacts LGBTQ+ people across the globe.

The initiative is being spearheaded by Paul Johnson, a professor in the university’s Sociology department, whose own work was critical in bringing about the 2017 Turing Law, which pardoned thousands of men convicted under historic legislation that criminalised homosexuality.

#2 The Body Collective at the University of Missouri

The University of Missouri recently produced its sixth edition of The Body Collective, a literary journal focused on queer identity and experience. The journal is comprised of visual art, photography, poetry and prose submitted by students. The university’s LGBTQ+ Resource Centre also hosted a launch party, where attendees could pick up a free copy and hear readings from the authors.

We loved this effort to showcase student creativity while spotlighting the experiences of LGBTQ+ students!

#3 Safe Home Base at Lancaster University

Lancaster University’s Safe Home Base project aims to create a network of educated LGBTQ+ allies across campus. Participants receive training on LGBTQ+ inclusion, and become points of contact for students and staff in need of support.

This is a fantastic effort to educate staff and students about LGBTQ+ issues, creating a campus-wide ‘safe space’ that will ensure everyone is heard and included.

#4 Academic Pride at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg

Academic Pride is a collaborative event between two Swedish universities, Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg. It brings together staff and students to reflect on LGBTQ+ representation and inclusivity within academia, analyse norms, and give academics working on relevant research a platform to discuss their work.

The event first took place last month and is set to recur every two years. It featured talks, workshops and a post-event drinks reception. We’re excited about this effort to encourage collaboration between institutions and critically reflect on approaches to LGBTQ+ issues!

#5 UK universities offer Gender Affirmation Funds for trans and non-binary students

Several UK universities, including the University of Kent, The University of Manchester and the University of Essex, have recently began the practice of offering funds to trans and non-binary students which they can use to buy gender-affirming items such as binders, breast forms, clothing and make-up. Funds are usually up to £100, and are supported by donations from staff, students and alumni.

We think this is a fantastic way to help students alleviate the distressing experience of gender dysphoria, and we’re happy that it is fast becoming best practice among UK universities!

Happy Pride Month from everyone at FindAUniversity!

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