Posted on 24 Nov '23

5 Reasons Why We’re Excited About our Improvements to FindAMasters Profiles

On FindAMasters, we have recently made an exciting update to our Institution and Department Profiles for our UK Accounts, improving their overall aesthetic as well as the user experience for potential students visiting the site.

If you are one of our UK Accounts and have an active Department or Institution Profile booking with us, we have begun contacting your institution with more details of how to upgrade it. In the meantime, I thought it would be helpful to explain what features are available to you in this exciting update, and how you can make the most of them.

Note that all of the features below, with the exception of open day promotion, are already available for our non-UK customers!

#1 Unlimited Open Day promotion

The most important change that comes with our improved profiles is the free inclusion of our previously paid-for Featured Open Day product. No longer will you need to provide us with original content to promote your upcoming open day: simply send us a URL to the landing page of your next event, and we will create an open day advert using the text on there. This is then automatically linked to your profile for users to see and register for.

You can provide us with as many URLs as you like throughout the year*, and we’ll routinely update your Open Day each time an event expires, so if you know all dates for your upcoming Open Days, you can ensure you never miss a spot of promotion for your events again. Make sure you keep us in the loop about all of your upcoming events, as well as any changes to your calendar, so we can keep your profile up to date!

*Each URL needs to direct to a dated, future event page where users can register.

#2 Champion your student community

All prospective students want to learn as much as they can about where they can study, and if they will feel a part of an academic community. It goes without saying that sharing interest and enthusiasm for your student body will help show users that you are invested in their journey with your university.

With our improved profiles, you now have a dedicated area where you can really let our users know what your student community is like: describe the city life, the campus, where it sits in country. All this helps paint a picture in the user’s head, letting them visualise where they will study, and creating that spark of interest in your institution.

#3 Boost your chances to receive better quality enquiries

It sounds simple, but one key update we have made to our profiles is the introduction of a FAQ section. Enquiries from users are of course always valuable, however, by flagging the important questions within the profile, you allow space for potentially higher-quality queries to come through – the really specific stuff.

For example, most users visiting your profile are likely interested in how they could be eligible for a scholarship, or how they apply for your programmes. Save time, cover the bases, and you will help create a more complete user experience on your profile.

#4 Full integration with your FindAMasters Account

A major benefit of our improved profiles is full integration with your Admin Dashboard. As you may have read in our blog post earlier this year, your Dashboard is where you can edit and upload not only your programmes to FindAMasters, but also student profiles and scholarships.

Whereas previously these elements were limited to appearing on a specifically designated programme listing, our improved profiles are able to pull through and display them automatically. Now more than ever, is it important to keep your programmes updated with scholarships and student profiles, to generate further interest from users through engaging bespoke content.

#5 A dedicated spot for your headline numbers

In their previous incarnation, any awards, rankings or key figures you wanted to mention about your institution were included within the main body of text in your profile, meaning they could often be hidden in plain sight amongst other text and imagery.

However, we now have a dedicated spot on profiles that can display a ranking of your choice, how many students attend your institution, location, and programme offering. Partitioning this information, and pairing it with some icons, helps create a visually engaging platform for your institution’s key information to be noticed.

Alongside this, we have also created a space for you to list 3 bullet points to tell users why they should study at your institution, ensuring you have concisely covered the key areas early in your copy. Make sure you use this section to really put your institution’s main selling points front and centre!

An Institution or Department Profile is the perfect way to promote your institution as a brand and highlight your offering and strengths, and we expect our improved profiles to receive even more engagement from our users. If you’re an institution based in the UK and have a profile you need upgrading, or don’t yet have one and would like to find out more information, please speak to your Account Manager today!

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