Posted on 24 Apr '24

Stress Awareness Month: How we Tackle Stress at FindAUniversity

April is Stress Awareness Month, and offers an opportunity to consider the small changes we can implement to banish stress and maximise wellbeing, both inside and outside of work!

We reflected on some of the ways that we support staff wellbeing here at FindAUniversity, and asked members of teams from across the company to share their personal stress-management tactics.

How do we manage stress at FindAUniversity?

“A combination of thorough preparation and listening to music to keep my focus. I find preparation is especially helpful for meetings with senior stakeholders where I might otherwise struggle to express my thoughts.”

- Morgan James, SEO Executive

I find that de-cluttering or tidying my space (home) usually helps as this can make my mind feel less cluttered and help me to be more productive. I also personally like to crochet or do a craft. This can help ease stress as it focuses my mind on something else.

- Holly Chafer, Marketing Executive

Flexible working is so valuable for me to help manage stress. The ability to leave your desk and get outside, or when in the office take 10 minutes to sit in the café with a coffee and some music on, is so useful! I also make sure my team know that I will drop everything for a quick Teams call if we can’t be together to talk things through. Them having the confidence to ask for help is really important and them knowing I will give them the time to re-set where needed.

- Amy Ward, Director (Commercial)

I feel some time away from my desk and screen helps me a lot. I like going for a little stroll during my lunch break if the weather is nice (and treating myself to an iced coffee as well!). I sometimes tend to forget to take breaks on a particularly busy days but I am striving to get better at making the most of FAU’s Happy Hour policy, especially now that days are getting longer.

- Taru Medha, Content Writer

I’ve got my own Trello board that’s categorised by project and I add due dates. I also make a to-do list for tomorrow so I’m not thinking about work stuff when I log off. Sometimes I even schedule breaks in as a reminder and make sure I sit away from my laptop/phone when working from home. Another important thing is being honest – if I’m feeling overwhelmed or think I can’t meet a deadline, I’m honest about this with my team and ask for help! Outside of work, I know exercise is a cliché but it really helps! I’ve just completed Couch to 5k which I highly recommend for anyone who is a newbie at running.

- Zoe Meila, Events Manager

I find that it’s helpful to find small moments throughout the day to slow down and notice your surroundings – for example, if you’re making coffee…appreciate the aroma, if you’re close to the window…enjoy the spring flowers, before you go into a meeting…take two minutes to breathe deeply with your eyes closed (try box breathing to calm your nervous system).

- Chrissie Cameron, Account Manager

Supporting staff wellbeing at FindAUniversity

At FAU, we believe that the importance of staff wellbeing can’t be overstated, and we have a number of policies in place to support this!

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve implemented a ‘happy hour’ policy, which allows employees to take an hour out of their day at any time to have a break from their desk and make it up later in their week. What was originally an initiative to encourage outdoor time during lockdown has become an FAU staple, enabling employees to get out for a run, walk or wander whenever they like, helping to combat the day!

Our monthly Fikas are held both virtually and in the office. Originally a Swedish practice, the Fika is an opportunity to take 15 minutes out of your day to catch up with friends or colleagues – best enjoyed with a tea or coffee and something sweet.

We recently introduced life days, which give staff the option to request leave for significant life events such as weddings and house moves.

Our Wellbeing Champions act as a point of contact for anyone who wants to find out more about mental health services, and volunteer their time and effort to put in a number of wellbeing-themed events throughout the year!

What’s clear is that different things works for different people when it comes to stress management. We hope that some of the suggestions above will help you stay calm during the rollercoaster that is the postgraduate recruitment cycle. After all, stress awareness isn’t just for April, it should be a year-round focus!

Chat with our team today and let us take the stress out of your recruitment activities.

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