Posted on 26 Feb '24

Everything You Need to Know About our Improved FindAPhD Profiles

You may remember that we recently made an exciting update to our Institution and Department Profiles on FindAMasters. Well, we are happy to announce that the time has also come for FindAPhD!

Much like our post for the new and improved Profiles on FindAMasters, I thought it would be helpful to explain what benefits you can expect with upgrading to a new Institution or Department Profile on FindAPhD.

#1 Unlimited Open Day promotion

As on FindAMasters, the most important change that comes with our improved profiles is that our Featured Open Day product will be included for no extra cost. You’ll no longer need to provide us with original content to promote your upcoming open day. Instead, just send us a URL to the landing page of your next event, and we’ll use the text on there to create a unique advert, which will then be automatically linked to your profile.

You can provide us with as many URLs as you like throughout the year*, and we’ll refresh your Open Day page whenever an event expires. If you know all dates for your upcoming Open Days, you can ensure you never miss a spot of promotion for your events again. Be sure to keep us in the loop about all your upcoming events, as well as any changes to your calendar, so we can keep your profile up to date!

*Each URL needs to direct to a dated, future event page where users can register.

#2 Give your research opportunities on FindAPhD a big boost

Having a Profile active on FindAPhD not only helps you promote your institution’s branding to our thousands of monthly visitors, but also gives your other research opportunities on the site more exposure, as these are embedded within your profile. Because our institution and department profiles sit more visibly within search results, they can become that crucial bridge that funnels users from viewing your institution to exploring your research opportunities.

#3 Champion your research community

Prospective PhD students want to learn as much as possible about not just what they will study, but where. That’s why it’s important to give them a sense of the research environment they’ll be a part of, and the community they’ll be joining.

Our improved profiles feature a dedicated area where you paint a picture of your university in the user’s head by describing the faculty, your campus, and where the institution sits in country. All this helps them visualise where they will carry out their PhD research, and create that spark of interest in your institution.

#4 Boost your chances to receive better quality enquiries

Like our update for FindAMasters, a simple yet key update we have made to our profiles is the introduction of a FAQ section. Enquiries from potential PhD candidates are incredibly important, however, by flagging common questions within your profile, you allow space for more specific queries to come through.

Are there any common queries around your research opportunities you can answer up front? Get them in the FAQs section to cover these bases, and you will help create a more complete user experience on your profile.

#5 A dedicated spot for your headline numbers

Finally, in a similar update to profiles on FindAMasters, our new profiles on FindAPhD allow you to show off any awards, rankings or key figures you want to highlight.

You can use this dedicated spot to display key facts and figures such as a ranking of your choice, how many research students attend your institution, location, or programme offering. We’ll partition this information and pair it with eye-catching icons to help emphasise your university’s key selling points!

We’ve also created a space for you to list 3 bullet points to tell users why they should study at your institution. Use this to ensure you have concisely covered the key areas early in your copy, and really highlighted what makes your institution unique.

If you have an active profile on FindAPhD, we will soon be in touch to provide you with the info you need to upgrade your profile.

If you don’t have a profile and would be interested in purchasing one, please get in touch with one of our Account Managers today!

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