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In this FREE PG Marketing Conference Webinar, which took place on Thursday 29 June, attendees learnt more about postgraduate study preferences, motivations and decision making.

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The presentation

10:30AM BST | The State of Postgraduate Recruitment in 2022
Presented by Mark Bennett, Director - Audience & Editorial, FindAUniversity

Postgraduate study continues to be one of the most vibrant and exciting parts of the higher education sector, with record international enrolments for the UK and shifting study patterns in the wake of the pandemic. But this very diversity can also make it harder to understand what’s happening in Masters and PhD recruitment – and what’s coming next. Drawing on responses from an unparalleled survey of over 10,000 prospective students, Dr Mark Bennett explored:

Postgraduate study preferences – online, on campus, inbetween? Who wants to do what, where and when?

Postgraduate motivations – why are people seeking a Masters or PhD and what resonates with them? Are we seeing a shift in motivations in the current economic circumstances?

Postgraduate vs undergraduate – just how different is it, really? We’ve got the data to compare.

Postgraduate decision making – what do prospective students consider first and how do they want to be communicated with?

As a bonus, we previewed the results from our pilot survey of marketing and recruitment professionals and saw how the sector is feeling about postgraduate recruitment right now. The session ended with Q&A and a chance for attendees to share reflections, perspectives and advice.

The speakers

Mark Bennett
Director - Audience & Editorial, FindAUniversity

Dr Mark Bennett is Director - Audience & Editorial, at FindAUniversity, with overall responsibility for the information, advice and guidance students find on our websites. He regularly engages with prospective students' funding queries and has presented on postgraduate funding, experiences and IAG at events organised by Westminster Forum, UKCGE and HELOA.

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