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In this FREE PG Marketing Conference Webinar, which took place on Thursday 24 March, attendees learnt what the next ten years might hold for postgraduate study abroad in the UK!

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The presentation

10:30AM GMT | From 600,000 to where? The future of international recruitment for UK PGT
Presented by Mark Bennett, Director - Audience & Editorial and Jack Taylor, Head of Data & Optimisation, both FindAUniversity

This session set the scene on UK international recruitment before diving into data gathered via our popular FindAMasters website. The session looked at how users are behaving on our platform and examined insights from our unique Postgraduate Pulse tracker to understand how different groups of international postgraduates feel about the UK as a destination as well as what, when, where and how they’d like to study.

The speakers

Mark Bennett
Director - Audience & Editorial, FindAUniversity

Dr Mark Bennett is Director - Audience & Editorial, at FindAUniversity, with overall responsibility for the information, advice and guidance students find on our websites. He regularly engages with prospective students' funding queries and has presented on postgraduate funding, experiences and IAG at events organised by Westminster Forum, UKCGE and HELOA.

Jack Taylor
Head of Data & Optimisation, FindAUniversity

Jack Taylor is Head of Data & Optimisation at FindAUniversity, overseeing data analytics, insights and website optimisation. Jack has been with FindAUniversity since 2015 and has over 14 years experience in digital media and data analytics.

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