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In this FREE PG Marketing Conference Webinar, which took place on Thursday 24 February, attendees learnt what motivates prospective postgraduate students to choose one university over another and how to gain PG students loyalty before they arrive on campus.

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The presentation

10:30AM GMT | Creating brand loyalty with postgraduate prospects.
Presented by Kendra Rogers, Head of Insight & Strategy and Alex Causton-Ronaldson, Head of Education, both of psLondon.

In this deep dive webinar, attendees learn about

• What motivates prospective PG students to choose one university over another
• How to gain PG students loyalty before they arrive on campus
• Original research to support you in your marketing efforts

The speakers

Kendra Rogers
Head of Insight & Strategy, psLondon

With a decade of global marketing experience and a values-based, human-centric approach, Kendra has built student-centric brand and marketing strategies for the UK's leading universities.

Alex Causton-Ronaldson
Head of Education, psLondon

Over the past 12 years, Alex has worked with over 50 universities in the UK and Ireland to support them with their brand communications and student recruitment marketing.

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