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In this FREE PG Marketing Conference Webinar, which took place on Tuesday 20 July, attendees gained insight into how University of Nottingham’s Digital & Content team built a diverse network of students with creative skills that all teams and departments can tap into.

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The presentation

Working with student creators: influencer marketing and more

Presented by Paul Hodgson, Digital Projects Manager (Content), University of Nottingham

In this session, Paul revealed how working with student creators has become a crucial part of University of Nottingham's marketing strategy, and:
• Shared insight into the effectiveness of student influencer marketing
• Delved further into how to use student-led content creation
• Explored the 'how it started' and 'how it's going' of University of Nottingham's approach to working with students

The speaker

Paul Hodgson
Digital Projects Manager (Content), University of Nottingham

Paul is a digital content creator with a career in digital marketing and content which spans over 9 years. He's a professionally trained filmmaker and has worked in a variety of sectors including retail and HE marketing. His specialisms within #HESM look at influencer marketing and hub/hero video content creation. In his spare time Paul also runs a vlog that focusses on theatre reviews and lifestyle content. He also speaks with a stammer and has a video series about living with a stammer.

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