Posted on 22 Jun '22

5 Postgraduate Subject Marketing Examples that Have Caught Our Eye

With application deadlines looming closer for September 2022 starts, being front and centre of the prospective student mindset has never been more important. We wanted to look at some of the ways universities have been marketing their courses and opportunities to (hopefully) provide you with some inspiration for the final recruitment push.

#1 Putting the student voice front and centre

It’s great to see Brunel Global Health Academy sharing 60-second videos from students who are actually completing their postgraduate studies and sharing their experiences of the programme and the department. Their #6Under60Seconds campaign capitalises on the student voice, as well as keeping it short and easy to digest.

#2 Straight up benefits

We all know that a fully-funded anything is the golden ticket so it’s no wonder that on our site, the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology fully-funded PhD programme is performing well. What’s great about their marketing is they lead with the main driver (funded) and then follow up quickly with other benefits which answer a number of follow-up questions, before prospects have even clicked.


#3 Joining forces

Not technically a marketing technique but we couldn’t not mention the bold move from De Montfort University Leicester and the University of Leicester in partnering up to provide joint discounted further study options at either of the universities. The Leicester Postgraduate Partnership will offer over 90 courses and encourages graduates to stay in the city to further their careers and give back to the community. This is something that Jack Clare, Head of UK Recruitment at the University of Wolverhampton, called for in his blog around collaboration to support postgraduate access.

#4 Providing taster courses

Birkbeck, University of London, is offering a day of workshops exploring Psychology short courses regardless of educational qualifications or career. This is a great way to give prospective students the confidence to go back to studying if they’ve been away from it, or if they’re looking to change their subject focus from what they did at an undergraduate level. Having to commit the effort, time and money to a new subject area is really daunting so it’s great to see that Birkbeck is trying to help combat these worries.

#5 Showcasing unique learning facilities

With a focus on employability, the University of East London has been promoting its new courtroom facilities which are designed to bring real-life experiences into the classroom to help students prepare for the future world of work. It’s this sort of focus on linking what you have available at your institution with something that matters to the postgraduate audience (such as employability) that will help your marketing stand out.

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