Posted on 20 Jun '22

Sharing Sector Insights and Best Practice – Why We’ve Partnered with HELOA

At FindAUniversity, we’re committed to helping colleagues in the postgraduate education sector, whether it’s with meeting recruitment targets, collaborating on fairs or sharing audience insight from our flagship websites and

HELOA is the professional association of staff in higher education who work in student recruitment, outreach, marketing and admissions. They encourage collaboration and sharing good practice amongst their 1,600 members from over 145 UK higher education institutions. Following extensive feedback from HELOA members on the need for gaining additional expertise in postgraduate recruitment, a partnership between FindAUniversity and HELOA was a natural next step.

“FindAUniversity are market leaders in supporting prospective postgraduate students into their next step in education and provide a great fit with the ethos of HELOA and HELOA members in supporting students to make informed decisions. We truly believe this is a game-changing moment and will open up a whole avenue of opportunities moving forward.” Elliot Newstead, Membership Engagement Manager for HELOA and Head of UK Student Recruitment and Outreach at the University of Leicester.

The partnership will focus on sharing information and insight, collaboration and best practice in postgraduate advice and guidance and is an exciting step forward for both organisations.

“We’re looking forward to progressing and strengthening the FindAUniversity partnership with HELOA and are excited for what the future holds. Partnering with HELOA presents us with real opportunities for reciprocal feedback and learning which will genuinely impact the postgraduate marketing and recruitment community and ensure we are always putting student experience first.” Sarah Linington, Director (Marketing), FindAUniversity.

To keep updated with how the partnership progresses, you can follow us LinkedIn and Twitter for regular insight, comment and case studies.

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