Posted on 20 Jan '22

How to Convince Prospective Postgraduates that Your Institution is the One for Them

As a follow up to our Engaging postgraduates webinar, we asked Jen Barton, Student Recruitment Manager at Durham University, to share further insights about how to make your messaging hit the mark with prospective postgrads.

After working in postgraduate recruitment and leading our events for three years, I have learned a thing or two about what works (and what doesn’t) for potential students.

#1 Prospective postgrad priorities are very different

Where student life and fitting in are high on the priority list for undergrads, they don’t appear to be as important to postgrads. Don’t be tempted to direct your PG audience to information intended for UG! I’ve had feedback over the years that this can make potential PG students feel undervalued and sometimes wonder if the information is intended for them at all.

#2 Let your students sell your institution

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but your current PG students are your biggest advocates. Let them be the face of your events (with training of course)! Potential PG students, just like UG, want to know what the student experience is like at your institution. They really value hearing about workloads, support, what it’s like to live in your city and tips on finding what they need to be a student – money, accommodation, study materials! Let this come from the people that know it best.

#3 Academics are your next best friend

Yes they can be a pain, but academics are often the one reason that a PG student chooses your institution. Develop and maintain strong working relationships with them, and always set your deadlines at least two weeks before you need it, as they will rarely get things to you on time.

#4 Maintain dialogue with your audience

Recruitment is important but conversion is just as important. PG students may have lots of offers to choose from so it’s vital to maintain contact. Offer advice and guidance sessions, both with current students and academics, to help convince them you are the university for them!

These four tips have served me well these last few years so I hope they’re helpful for anyone starting out in the sector or looking to freshen up their strategy.

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