Posted on 14 Dec '21

Best of 2021 – Our Most Popular Comment Blogs This Year

It’s been another whirlwind year in postgraduate student recruitment, both for the universities and the students. As we wave goodbye to 2022, we thought we’d take a look back at our most popular comment blogs of the year to remind ourselves of the journey we’ve been on together. From confusing finances to shifting sands around the prospectus, we’ve certainly had a lot to talk about this year.

In fifth we have a guest blog from The University of Derby who won a silver HEIST 2021 award for their postgraduate prospectus. We invited the Production Editor, Heather Turley, to share the changes they made and the impact it’s had on their orders and enquiries. It’s definitely one for checking your next postgraduate prospectus plan against!

With a lot of people working from home and messaging/objectives becoming siloed, it’s hard to find the right data to inform your messaging or campaigns, especially if you’re having to base it off student feedback from pre-March 2019. Our Director of Audience & Editorial (previously Head of Content) Dr Mark Bennett, explains why traditional surveys can’t provide the answers we're looking for.

Interestingly in third place, we have a piece from August 2020 discussing how UKRI PhD funding was to be extended to international students from the 2021/22 year. Whether that’s because we all needed to remind ourselves what it meant, or just wanted to brush up on the stats, it continues to be a talking point going into 2022.

We’re happy to say that the runner up blog for this year was actually one from our Future Masters and Future PhD Survey results. With in-depth analysis of university choices and study preferences, our survey of over 16,000 students resulted in some very interesting insight. Keep an eye out for the third report in the series!

In first place, by a long shot, was our August 2020 comment blog on the confusing nature of postgraduate finance and how we can help make it easier for students to understand. I’d suggest that the fact this piece is still so popular means we haven’t quite cracked it as a sector yet, but if we keep learning from the past, then hopefully we’ll create a slightly-less confusing future!

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