by Kai Chisnell
, posted on 7 Oct '20

The Power of Effective Data Visualisation and Reporting

Kai Chisnell is our Client Data Manager and spends most of his time analysing data to help our clients maximise their postgraduate marketing and recruitment. We asked him to share how Google Data Studio helps him to achieve this and how you can get involved.

As a company, FindAUniversity generates a huge amount of data about our audiences and have recently been exploring more creative and effective methods of visualising it for both our clients and for ourselves.

This is where Google Data Studio came in. It’s an exciting and ever-expanding tool enabling us to better understand how our visitors interact with our websites and how this can be used to inform effective marketing and campaign strategies for our clients.

We’re always looking at ways to present data in a meaningful and informative way without having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ in data visualisation. Google Data Studio’s built-in charts and tables allow us to efficiently explore what the data is telling us, without getting bogged down in formatting the data into bespoke graphs.

One of the potentials we saw in Google Data Studio was the ability to create customized dashboards for both client and in-house reporting. We wanted to democratise our data, allowing teams across our company to have access to data analysis and examine their own areas of insight. The tools provided by Google Data Studio mean we’ve been able to provide our teams with key knowledge on who our audience is and market analysis, presented in a clear and effective dashboard. It’s also allowed us to provide the same experience for our clients.

Using Google Data Studio means we can peel back the layers of information to understand the bigger picture, as well as targeting key areas of interest, through easily visualised data.

So far we’ve been exploring how we can add value for our clients to the campaigns run with us and more broadly through general insights into market trends and benchmarking – but we’d love to know what our colleagues working in Postgraduate Marketing & Recruitment want to know about? Are you, or your institution, currently using any business intelligence software to visualise your data and inform your decision-making processes? What trends are you seeing, and are there any opportunities for our data to help you contextualise yours?

Get in touch for an informal chat – we’d love to see if we can help. Please email me at [email protected] or call +44 (0)114 268 4940.

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